Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is a very easy Borek.  It can be served as an appetizer or to accompany a meal especially if you have a vegetarian guest.

1/2 package Phyllo pastry
  (8-10 sheets for the bottom, 8-10 sheets for the top)

1 package (227 gr) Spinach
200 gr. Feta cheese

2 eggs
1.5 cups milk
1/2 cup cooking oil

Sesame seeds
  • First get your spinach ready.  Wash them and make sure they are dry. Chop small.  No need to cook.
  • Use a big (11x14) pan
  • Spray the pan so it does not stick to the bottom
  • Mix together eggs, milk and cooking oil to get a "sauce"
  • Put 2 sheets of pastry and pour 5 tablespoons of sauce and using a brush soak the dough. If the dough is broken or too long for the pan, don't worry, just make it fit.  The key is to make sure the dough is soaked
  • Continue the same way until the bottom layer is done
  • "Scrunch" spinach with salt. If you are using Feta which is already salted, you will need less but if you are using unsalted cheese like Palak Paneer, then you will need less.
  • If you like you can layer cheese and spinach or you can mix spinach and cheese before spreading it on the dough
  • Save some of your sauce for the top layer. The very top layer will need extra and will need to be soaked completely for softness so make sure you save enough
  • Pour the rest of the sauce on the spinach and cheese
  • Once Spinach and cheese layer is complete start the top layer of the dough the same way as the bottom.
  • Pour the remaining sauce on the very top.  Make sure the top layer is soaked.  The dough will look "wrinkled".
  • Let it rest for 15 minutes.  Occasionally check to make sure the sauce is not pooling on the sides and spread a bit if needed.
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds
  • Cook at 350 until the top is golden brown