Saturday, August 21, 2010


I used stewing beef for this recipe.  You can use also use lamb (preferably bone in) or chicken breasts.  Although canned chick peas also work, my recommendation is always to use dried chick peas.  You can taste the difference.  If it is tomato season, you can add in a couple of crushed tomatoes.  I cook mine in a pressure cooker.  You can serve with sticky white rice or bread.  Don't forget the pickles!

1 cup dried chick peas
200 gr. stewing beef
2 medium sized onions
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 table spoon tomato paste
1/2 table spoon red pepper paste (optionally choose spicy)
Salt and pepper
Hot water
  • Soak the dried chick peas in plenty of water overnight. 
  • The next day, if you are not using a pressure cooker, you will need to boil the chick peas in a pot and enough water to cover the chick peas to soften them first and drain.
  • If you are using canned peas, you can skip the previous steps.  Just drain and wash the chick peas.  Also, you'll need to cook the meat before you add in canned chick peas to avoid them turning to mush.
  • Put chopped onions into a pot with olive oil.  Add in the stewing beef and stir fry a little.  Cover and reduce heat and cook until the meat is soft
  • Add in chick peas, tomato paste, pepper paste, salt and pepper.  Add in boiled water
  • Cook for another 5-10 minutes
  • Serve with sticky rice or bread (juice is really good for dunking)
Note: In the pressure cooker, I add all of the ingredients (after soaking time for the chick peas) together.  I add in 3/4 cup hot water.  Once the pressure cooker is ready, reduce heat and cook for only 5 minutes.  I turn off the stove and leave it on until it is time to serve.

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