Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is interesting that many Turkish dishes are named after women's body parts. I think it is because they are passionate about food. Eating and drinking together is a very big part of the culture. These "meatballs" are called Ladies Thigh Kofte. Years of living in Canada, I had forgotten about this dish until my Aunt came to visit us and made it for us. I remember as a child this dish being part of picnic baskets because they are just as good cold as they are warm

500 gr. ground beef
2 onions (medium)
1/3 cup cooked plain white rice
3 eggs
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1/2 bunch parsley
black pepper
6 tablespoons flour
  • Cook plain white rice as usual (1 measure rice, 2 measures water, cook for 15 minutes covered and at low heat). Set aside to cool
  • Stir fry 1/2 the ground beef in 1 tablespoon oil until fully cooked and set aside to cool
  • Clean and chop parsley
  • Combine remaining uncooked beef, chopped onions, cooked rice, stir fried beef, 1 egg, salt and pepper together. Make oval looking meat balls
  • Sprinkle bottom of a pan with half the flour and place the meatballs on the flour. Sprinkle remaining flour on top of the meat balls
  • When ready to serve, mix together 2 eggs and dip each of the meatballs in eggs and fry them in low heat

I served mine with rice in this picture but you can try serving it with Frech Fries.


  1. Vallahi "kadin budu koftenin" ingilizce cevirisi de cok guzel olmus:)) Simdi, "dilber dudagi" tatlisi yapinca nasil cevireceksin merak ediyorum...
    Eline saglik, sevgiler...

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