Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Strange name for a recipe but translation from Turkish is a challenge sometimes.  Even in Turkey, this borek has many different names like Ci borek, Sirborek.  Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation of all these different names and how they came about.  I called it "patties" because the shape reminded me of Jamaican patties.  I called it "fake" because I modified the dough to make it easy on myself when it came to rolling it out.  Also, I cooked it on a hot plate rather than frying in lots of oil due to concerns over extra calories.  Nevertheless, it turns out pretty close to the real taste.  You can modify further with additional spices like chili peppers if you enjoy spicy foods.

1 cup milk (room temperature)
1 cup water (room temperature)
1/2 cup cooking oil
1 egg
1 teaspoon salt
Flour (approx 4 cups)

1/2 kg lean ground beef
3 onions
3 tomatoes
1 teaspoon salt
black pepper

Cooking: either fry in lots of oil or brush with cooking oil if cooking on a hotplate
  • First make the dough... Mix together egg, oil, water, milk and salt
  • Add flour a little at a time until you have a dough that does not stick to your hands.  Softness should be a little soft (like your ear lobes)
  • Cover dough with Saran Wrap and let it rest for a couple of hours at room temperature
  • Make the filling by mixing all the ingredients.  Onions and the tomatoes need to be grated.  It should be a little watery to allow you to spread a thin layer.  If the onion and the tomatoes are not too juicy you can add some water.
  • Take small pieces of the dough and make them into small balls (size of a large walnut)
  • On a floured surface, roll out a thin round piece
  • Spread filling in a very thin layer
  • Close in the shape of a half moon
  • Cook on a hot plate that is preheated to 350 degrees making sure that the hot plate is covered with a little bit of oil.  If necessary, brush more oil before turning over
  • Cook until golden brown on both sides

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